ready • game • fire

ready•game•fire is a fortnightly opinion-based video game-related podcast that is borderline ultimate. Show by show, host Chris Fox is joined by a cornucopia of guests from the outer rim of the video games industry. Discussion ranges from gaming news, releases, hot topics and occasionally, the oppressive shackles of genre are cast off and thoughts meander down all kinds of sexy and provocative avenues. This podcast is a bargain at any price, especially free - which it is!

A thousand thank yous to The Minibosses who have allowed us to use their outstanding music for our podcast. Check them out here.

You can find all of the new episodes right here in our episodes page and you may subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. You can also keep up-to-date with us on Twitter. Additionally, if you have any questions or wish to contribute, email us at any time of the day, night or otherwise at or by going to our contact page.

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Prepare your ear drums. Seriously.

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