Date Episode Synopsis    
15/04/2014    Episode 55 Hablo Moral - Infamous Second Son and more features than you can handle. More
11/03/2014 Episode 53 Brother Love - Titanfall debate, South Park gushing and Kye's not dead! More
22/02/2014    Episode 53 Dict Tape - Our best guesses for 2014 plus TitanFall, DKC:TF and Sunny Side Up. More
28/01/2014 Episode 52 Nintendon't Go - Nintendo have closed their doors forever. Time to auction off their games... More
17/12/2013    Episode 51 Merry Game Fire IV: Generations - Our MGF'n 7th gen awards plus presents. More
22/10/2013 Episode 50 Episode Fifty - 50th celebrations and 360 and PS3... THIS IS YOUR LIFE(S). More
01/10/2013    Episode 49 Ten On Ten - Can any game ever really be a 10/10? Plus EGX '13. More
18/08/2013 Episode 48 Ready Game Fire Jukebox - The absolute best licensed tracks in games. More
19/03/2013    Episode 47 FREE3 THE3 BE3ST - Our Amazing E3 2013 summary episode. More
22/05/2013 Episode 46 Xbox One (The Second) - Fresh reactions to Xbox One and E3 hype. More
19/03/2013    Episode 45 DRM For Murder - Always DRM: Bad. Brapp Store and Loaded Verse: Good. More
20/02/2013 Episode 44 PS4 LIVES - Listen to our (live) reactions to Sony's reveal of the Playstation 4. More
07/02/2013    Episode 43 The Metroid Episode - We love Metroid. If you didn't already, you will now. More
29/01/2013 Episode 42 Turning (On) Japenese - Japanese Games, Nintendo, Star Wars, Macs The Question. More
15/01/2013    Episode 41 Legend Of The Dog Faced Woman - Outrageous 2013 predictions plus That's Debatable. More
13/12/2012 Episode 40 Merry Game Fire III - Play along at home with The Big Fat Gaming Quiz Of The Year. More
07/12/2012    Episode 39 The RGF Awards 2012 - We've got the categories and the winners to blow your mind. More
29/11/2012 Episode 38 Arcade Unplugged - WiiU launch night reactions, arcade chat and 3 superb RGF features. More
20/11/2012    Episode 37 RGF vs IGN - 1 x Pixel Bro and 2 x IGNers discuss their game and film highlights of 2012. More
14/11/2012 Episode 36 W. i. i. P. - We lay the Wii to rest with diginity and Sunny reads the rhyming eulogy. More
31/10/2012    Episode 35 Length Us An Ear - Are games too long? Plus ACIII and Star Wars' narrow escape from George. More
17/10/2012 Episode 34 Alarmed and Dangerous - Our best and worst methods of massacre and a shit-tonne of features. More
30/09/2012    Episode 33 Ready EuroGame Fire - Reporting (not) live from the Eurogamer Expo 2012. Plus The Fades. More
24/09/2012 Episode 32 Retro Game Fire - Gaming Today vs. Back in the Day, Gamerdisco, WWW and Wii U. More
05/09/2012    Episode 31 We're Good Sports - Our favourite sports games and what needs to be done to sports games. More
25/07/2012 Episode 30 Top 20 Musicks - 20 Greatest Gaming Tracks of All Time and Jimmy D's DayZ Diary More
10/07/2012    Episode 29 Scary Game Cryer - HD Remakes: do we need 'em?, "That's Debatable" and Scary Games vs. Films. More
25/06/2012 Episode 28 The Gold Standards - Huge(ly dissappointing) Nintendo news and we look to gaming horizon... More
05/06/2012    Episode 27 Time for a JubileE3 - Sunny Side Up, Power To The People and news about some Expo... More
29/05/2012 Episode 26 The PC Episode - We dedicate this episode to our friend the personal computer. More
10/05/2012    Episode 25 IntergaBraptic - Pixel Bros. chat, innovation and a brand new feature. More
23/04/2012 Episode 24 The End - Mass Effect 3 pissed you off. We'll try hard not to. More
12/03/2012    Episode 23 Natural Born Quizzers - Vita, Journey, Nintendisco and Mac to the Future. LISTEN. More
14/12/2011 Episode 22 Merry Game Fire II - Our X-mas awards are the best on the web, guaran-festive-teed. More
05/12/2011    Episode 21 The Zelda Episode - Help us wish Link a happy Quarter Life Crisis. More
26/11/2011 Episode 20 Episode Twenty - Top 20 Games. 2 Parter. Happy Birthday To Us. More
01/11/2011    Episode 19 Arkham City Special - It's time for the 1966 film game, isn't it? More
11/10/2011 Episode 18 The Desert Island Sessions - What classics would you crash land with? More
22/09/2011    Episode 17 Invisible Wall Has No Collision - Gears 3, Onlive and RE 4 in HD... Or is it? More
25/09/2011 Episode 17a RGF @ Eurogamer 2011 - We bring Eurogamer straight to your ears. More
16/08/2011    Episode 16 48 Hit GAMESCOMbo - Team RGF talk the best and the blorst launch lineups. More
02/08/2011 Episode 15 Insert Ramble Pak - Games in Adverts. Adverts in Games. GAMES ARE ADVERTS. More
17/07/2011    Episode 14 Something Wickup This Way Comes - You won't need a Game Guide to get through this episode. More
05/07/2011 Episode 13 It's Art Baby - Do YOU buy second hand games? Have a listen. More
14/06/2011    Episode 12 Fanning the FlamE3boys - New Website. Same Attitude. Fanboys + E3. More
10/05/2011 Episode 11 Gay Pride and Prejudice - We tackle the highly controversial topic of prejudice in gaming. More
25/04/2011    Episode 10 Story in Games; important? Find out. NOW. More
12/04/2011 Episode 09 We discuss how we could make videogame movies something worth seeing, SOCOM 4 Interviews + Holden Ax +
World Wide Webwards.
29/03/2011 Episode 08 Ready Game Fire says the things all other gaming podcasts are afraid to say. Like a Boss. More
28/02/2011 Episode 07 With the ill behavior comes Ready Game Fire episode 7 COLON Space Games. More
27/02/2011 Episode 06 Back once again with Dead Island, The "So Called" Top 50 Videogame characters of all time and Film (that's right, Film) Chat. More
31/01/2011 Episode 05 3DS v.s. NGP. We talk about it. But better than any other gaming podcast. More
14/12/2010 Episode 04 Game of the Year musings and a
red hot giveaway!
28/11/2010 Episode 03 Over rated games, listener mail and 25%
extra free!
07/11/2010 Episode 02 Kinect, Goldeneye enthusiasm, stories,
sexy results!
17/10/2010 Episode 01 3DS and Eurogamer discussion, unrelated stories, music! More

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